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" The Corliss Group scam !!! "

Scam Artists: Peter Styles, Stephen Ryder, Marc Johnson, Michael Borner etc. etc.

Sold Stellar Biotec shares ( SBOTF ) then Eco Green Fuel ( EGFG ) I was called persistantly for 6 months by the above meantioned "gentlemen". Total Investment EUR 15.000 . Suddenly I could not reach anyone by phone or email in Barcelona or HongKong?! Its been over two weeks and now I have found many complaints against the same company " The Corliss Group "

I hope my expensive learning fees can warn others into not making the same mistake. These Guys should be stopped, ASAP !

Monetary Loss: $20000.

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Correct!! Not to forget the scam artists James Delaney and Nathan Davies.

I lost $50000 in the same way.. :(

Avoid any contact to The Corliss Group oder EGF Energy!!!

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